Benefits of Shop Pods Over Shipping Containers

A custom built Shop Pod offers many benefits over a converted shipping container

Benefits of Shop Pods Over Shipping Containers

Safety Standards

All Shop Pods are built in accordance with BS (British Standard) 1090 CE Marking, plus each unit has the relevant, documented structural calculations.

Design Aesthetics

Shop Pods can be designed and built in a large variety of ways, for example with smooth edges, cladding and trims. This ensures the exterior design looks more appealing then a shipping container.

Multiple Sizes

Shop Pods can be custom built to any length, width and height. We also offer flat-sided profile, or corrugated-sided pods - designed to look like a shipping container.

Hybrid Diesel/Solar Power Units

Shop Pods’ solid roofing structures provides a means to secure solar panels – this option will significantly reduce fuel bills.

Drawbacks to Shipping Containers as Commercial Retail Units

Shipping container
  • They may contain high levels of chemical residue, i.e. lead-based paint, from their original construction. The paint is used to help containers withstand tough ocean conditions during transit.
Structural Integrity
  • The entire structure of a container can easily be compromised, if damaged or dented during shipping or when sited.
Cross Contamination
  • If not replaced, the container’s porous plywood flooring is susceptible to contamination from previous industrial cargo held in the container.
Height Issues
  • Ceiling heights can be compromised if hi-cube (taller) containers are not used for a conversion.
  • The roof, in particular the centre, is not very strong. So typically, you’ll need to build another roof over it, especially where there’s a possibility of snow.
Insulation Concerns
  • The narrow shape doesn’t lend itself to insulating the exterior very well. To avoid using up valuable interior space, a relatively thin insulating layer, e.g. a polyurethane spray foam is used. Although effective, the blowing process used can produce powerful greenhouse gases, which have a worse impact on the environment than other insulators.
Width Restrictions
  • Shipping containers are typically 2.4 m or 3 m wide, which can cause regulatory issues. It also means they are too wide for the majority of commercial retail concepts and spaces.
Environmental Considerations
  • It is estimated that the average shipping container eventually produces nearly a thousand pounds of hazardous waste before it can be converted to a commercial structure.
Commercially Viable Shipping Containers
  • They do have their uses, but the original purpose of shipping container was always to hold cargo, rather than be used as a space for people to work in or enjoy. Their inherent flaws and limitations should not be overlooked for simple cost saving benefits and there is always a risk, over time, that container repair costs will deem the initial savings negligible.
Modification Complications
  • Extensive steel reinforcements are required, particularly when cuts / modifications are made, i.e. for windows or doors. These can be very expensive and crucially, any work to the exterior of the unit must conform to industry standards for welding, i.e. BS (British Standard) 1090 CE marking and be supported by structural calculation paperwork.

Client examples

Head Case

Mobile Barbers

The Headcase ethos is about making customers feel welcome, by providing a relaxed, vibrant and fresh environment – while experiencing high quality hair cuts.

So it was incredibly important that the design and build of their pods consistently matched those values

Vape Huts

Vape & CBD shop

Vape Huts’ passion and vision was to own unique, eye catching and customer friendly portable retail units.

They signed up with Shop Pods because they believed we could match their ambition and deliver the UK’s first truly mobile, energy efficient, vape branded retail unit    

James Watt
Director, JD Interior Solutions Ltd
“At Shop Pods we also offer a specialist commercialisation service and will help find you a high footfall venue.
We use an extensive network of contacts to provide external & internal spaces for brands, promoters and retailers to get their products and services out to their target customers.” 

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