Royal Domes

£8,405 inc VAT

Superb igloo shaped dome enclosures that can be used in gardens at home, or used to create a unique private dining experience at pubs, restaurants or hotels.

Our superb igloo shaped dome enclosures can be used in gardens at home or to create a unique private dining experience at pubs, restaurants & hotels.

  • Ideal to cover hot tubs
  • Private dining space
  • Unique yoga room
  • Reading room retreat
  • Staff Rooms for all industries
  • A safe meeting space at care homes to see your loved ones
  • Out of the ordinary kids play den
  • Meet up with your loved ones
  • Stand out garden party space
  • Offering a 360 degree view seating area the whole year round
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Our pods are A Grade Aluminium profiles. The Polycarbonate sheets used on the pods are 12x times harder than toughened glass

  • Sliding Lockable Door
  • Seats up to 10 people (6-8 socially distancing) or 12 people standing
  • Overall Lifespan of 25+ years
  • Sliding Door, Air Vents, UV Coated
  • Zero Maintenance


Give yourself, family or your customers a special experience. When assembled the dining pods offer a 360° window on the world. Aside from looking great and providing an amazing view within, the dome gently retains heat on cool summer evenings making it a perfect retreat, air vents also allow the hot air to escape if needed. Lockable doors ensure maximum security.

  • Lockable door for maximum security
  • Cast nylon rollers and stainless steel fixings
  • Exterior diameter: 4m, Interior diameter: 3.9m
  • Exterior height: 2.5m, Interior height: 2.3m
  • Entrance: 2.3m High x 2.0m Width.
  • Base area: 12.5 m2

Make the most of your outdoor space with our brilliant polycarbonate dining pods

The transparent steel dining pod lends a elegant and crisp finish to your outdoor space. They are multi purpose portable dome shaped structures that will transform your outside area and create a stylish space to relax, dine, entertain or work. 


Our Royal Domes don’t need replacing, they are virtually indestructible and use the same material and construction used to make helicopter windscreens

  • Self Cleaning – Unique hydrophobic coating reduces surface tension
  • Will not discolour over time
  • Lasts for 25+ years
  • UV Coated, pressure and weather resistant
  • High grade EPDM sealants ensure 100% water proof, moisture proof and leak proof
  • Can withstand heavy wind, rain and snow
  • Temperature Range -30°C +- 70°C
  • Flame Retardant
  • Air vent extraction to allow hot air escape

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Using these pods we were able to turn empty outdoor spaces at our restaurant into money making areas and double our revenue almost overnight. We have been fully booked since.

Kings Croft Hotel


Our garden pods require no foundations as a necessary. We can build you a bespoke timber decking as an added option along with infrared ceiling heating, led lighting and furniture if required. 

  • Bespoke sizes available
  • Timber Decked frame
  • Ceiling heating and LED package


The perfect space for you, your family or your customers to enjoy the outside from the inside all year round.

We also sell a range of extras including concrete / timber bases, laminate flooring, Frame build and installation, Dining furniture, heating and lighting.

For more information, addons, installation, bespoke building work and finance options call us on 01733 665 295


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