Care Home Visiting Pods

Care Home Pods allow loved ones to visit relatives in a Covid-19 secure environment

Care Home Visiting Rooms

"the £10,000 'Pentrefoelas Pod' is transforming lives by letting families get up close and a little bit more personal inside a partitioned, but heated, building equipped with an intercom."

David Powell, Journalist at North Wales News 22 Nov 2020 Tweet

"It’s fantastic!. "We've got 20 residents and three a day will be using the pod.” "The pod has heating and a circular intercom and you can adjust the volume."

Meryl Welsby, Manager of Cartref Bryn yr Eglwys in Pentrefoelas. North Wales News 22 Nov 2020

We specialise in solutions for the care, retail and hospitality industries.

Recently the care industry has heavily invested in many different "lockdown procedures and equipment"

Covid-19 has been a costly exercise for all involved, we hear this a lot. This is why we have focussed on a cost effective covid-19 crisis solution specific to the care industry and care homes.

Our role is simple; to supply and support this incredible industry.

During the second lockdown in England in November we supplied and installed numerous visiting pods to care homes throughout the UK. The one pictured to the left was for St.Marks Care Home in Sunderland. The pod has seperate entrances for residents and relatives and a full height divider in the middle to offer protection. We can build onsite or in our factory and crane into position.

Quote from St ,Marks Nusing Home  “Thank you so much for this, you’ve no idea how happy you have made our residents and their families 🥰 “

care home visitor pod

First Person to use the pod, “Ena Wynne a former headmistress, Mayoress and Conwy County Borough Councillor, loves the new pod”

David Powell, Journalist at North Wales News 22 Nov 2020

It's warm and cosy in here!

Ena Wynne, North Wales News 22 Nov 2020 Tweet

Wheelchair Friendly Visiting Room

Our wheelchair accessible visiting pods have side entry for patient and chaperone and the far end is the visitors’ entrance. Physical barriers of a desk with an acrylic screen are also in the design with a hand sanitiser station to maintain hygienic necessities and requirements. The interior is easily disinfected after each visit; the structure is lightweight and doesn’t require a huge foundation or massive project to install.

What we are hearing from everyone in the industry is that a meeting room specifically for social distancing is now an imperative measure.

Lock down looks to be with us to 2023 (potentially affecting hospitality and retail beyond this date) if recent reports are accurate, this means visiting requires a specific solution which we have developed.

  • Cleanliness – easy clean down and disinfection after each visit
  • Side access – patients are brought through the wheelchair friendly side door
  • Visitor Access – visitors enter via a different door into a segregated part of the pod (hand sanitising stations optional at additional cost)
  • Screens – maintain social distancing with sanitary acrylic screens
  • Safe and secure – locks to all doors
  • Warm – insulated, double skin and B1 fire rated
  • Cost effective – comparable to anything on the market, choose pay monthly option via finance, subject to status and credit check
  • Upsell – having this unique visiting pod gives you a distinct advantage over others providing similar care in your area without access to loved ones
  • Brand awareness – your care and empathy is spoken about before anything else you offer over and above basic care
James Watt
Director, JD Interior Solutions Ltd
“At Shop Pods we offer a specialist care home pod design and installation
We use an extensive network of contacts to provide external & internal spaces for many type of pod for both commercial, and for the home.

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