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‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives but the most adaptable’

You’ve always dreamt of opening your own shop. But each weekend you’re filled with dread as you walk around town, finding it difficult to ignore the big and empty retail units. “That used to be a BHS, that one used to be a Toys R US”, you think to yourself, “If they can go under, how could mine ever stay afloat?”. The high street is in a state of utter decline. The empty retail units you see walking around town are not just small businesses anymore, retail giants are going under too. How could a start-up feel confident setting up their retail shop in the current climate? With mounting rent and tax costs, the incentive of the high street is diminishing. This is where shop-pods comes in.

It seems like a simple solution. Take the disadvantages of the high street and get rid of them. Create a cost effective, moveable, retail unit. It seems simple because it is, and it works. Your business doesn’t need to be fixed to a single location. It doesn’t need to be a dead unit sat in the middle of a ghost town. It doesn’t have to be a sitting duck; it can move to where the business and buzz is. Shop-pods allows full flexibility and mobility.

We’re inspired by innovation. The shop-pods are not just dreary, basic, modular units. Each one is unique because we work with you. We offer a bespoke design plan to create a shop-pod that embodies the energy and personality of your business. We’ll listen to the dreams you have for your business and we’ll make them happen. What’s more, shop-pods offer natural, increased exposure for your shop. The pods are head turners, drawing people in by their unique design.

But could they ever be as safe as a conventional shop? Yes. Shop-pods are anything but basic, and they are not just sophisticated in terms of design. With features such as CCTV, roller-shutters and alarms, the pods are capable of being immensely secure. Our positives trump any potential negatives, and we offer state of the art features such as solar power. You’re not sacrificing any of the advantages you have come to know when it comes to a traditional retail space. You will be embracing the modern and multifaceted nature of shop-pods. We want your shop to reach its full potential, which means we have had to reach ours.

As an interior solutions company, we are set apart by extensive experience and knowledge of the trade. In fact, the inspiration for shop-pods came from fitting out shops for ten years and coming across every possible problem in antiquated buildings. We’ve seen, first-hand, the fall of the high street. We believe we have the solution to combat this.

Don’t allow the current climate to consume your dreams before they’ve had a chance to become a reality. Don’t allow your shop to merely get by and survive, embrace the change, become adaptable and thrive.  

Shop pods FAQ

What is the starting price of a shop-pod?
£25,000 with the option to choose from our long list of add-on features.

How big is a shop-pod?
We work to parking space size, which is approximately 2.4m wide.

How secure are they?
Our safety features include CCTV, roller shutters, and security alarms. These features, combined with the pre-existing security of shopping areas, make shop-pods immensely secure.

Do you only work with established retail companies?
We are not limited to any one size. We work with entrepreneurs, expanding companies and franchises.

How does transport work?
We deliver shop-pods to anywhere in the UK. After that, the pods can be moved with a pallet truck over small distances.

I want to discuss the idea I have for my shop-pod in more detail, who do I contact?
We understand how new the concept of a shop-pod is and how daunting it can seem. We offer free quotes and have a friendly team who are ready to answer any and all questions you may have. You can call us on 01733 838 684 or email us at [email protected].

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